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Theory of Relativity Assignment Help

Theory of relativity as proposed by the world famous theoretical physicist brings in the concept that speed of light in a vacuum is constant and acts as a physical boundary for motion, i.e., the speed of light is constant and that all reference frames moving at constant speed have equal validity. Everything else will follow logically from this. It brings in account two theories of relativity namely, the Special theory of relativity and the General theory of relativity. Einstein derived an equation for the same, E=mc2

There are certain problems which bother students and they often get stuck while doing their assignments like sound waves is not true about light waves, Two sources of sound can sometimes interfere with each other giving no indications of sound, Sound waves of different frequencies sometimes travel at different speeds, depending on the medium, The Doppler effect depends on the motion of the source and receiver with respect to the motion of the medium of the sound, special type of sound wave (a sonic boom) is associated with objects which move faster than the speed of sound in the local medium and the like.

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